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Ishaq Khan
Founder, Programmer, and Designer
Peshawar, Pakistan

Thinker and innovator in Windows desktop applications. Taking advantage of latest technologies, and combining them in creative ways, to develop and deliver useful products to the consumers. Also a freelancer, availing individuals and companies to achieve what they imagine, in many giant online marketplaces. Full-time computer programmer with years of experience in several sub-fields.
Mohit Kushwah
Agra, India

I am a graphic designer with over six years of experience. When working on branding, I take a comprehensive approach and guarantee the result that will give a powerful starting boost to your business. At the start of each project I perform market research and analyze competitors in order to extract the best solution for your business. I make several concepts with extensive descriptions to make sure you get your design personalized and bound to succeed.
Iltaf Khan
Peshawar, Pakistan

A computer science student, currently pursuing higher education. A tech enthusiastic. Also running a successful YouTube channel.

My name is Rashed, I have been working on website promotion for over five years. I am very skilled in social media marketing, website promotion, business, app, eCommerce, music, video, and any Web link marketing. I can help you to rich your website traffic. I will provide you the best promotion services.

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