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Developed custom software gallery

Several skills are covered. Have developed programs for data manipulation, PDF manipulation, filesystem manipulation, video/audio/image manipulation, and Robotic process automation (RPA).

Data Manipulation
PDF Manipulation
Filesystem Manipulation
Video/Audio/Image Manipulation
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This sections contains portfolio items related to video, audio, and image manipulation. Many different projects completed with simple to complex to complicated requirements.

Video manipulation include cropping, trimming, merging, audio extraction, replacement, watermarking, conversion, fading, etc.

Audio manipulation includes similar skills to video manipulation, where possible, plus, audio channels conversion, text to audio, volume normalization, etc.

Image manipulation includes conversion, resizing, compressing, stitching, colorspace conversion, watermarking etc.

Below I present some of those programs. Please note that this list is not sorted in any way. Click on any item to make it fullscreen.

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