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Kaslaan DocConvert

Main screen - PDF conversion

Version 1.0
Version release 25 Jan 2023
First release 25 Jan 2023

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Want to convert a folder of DOCX files to PDF files, with a single click, without even any need of Microsoft Word? Or want to convert all spreadsheets in every Microsoft Excel file, in a folder, with a single click, without even any need of Microsoft Excel? Or want to watermark all PDFs files in a folder with a single click? I know, it does not ends here. Try Kaslaan DocConvert, which uses multi-threaded approach to deliver extra faster processing speeds, designed to be all-in-one batch document converting and processing utility. That could sit in your office or home computer, and make your life a bit easier.

Converter tab

This is the main screen, where you select source folder and output folder. Software will automatically list all file types it can process in the selected folder. Upon clicking any file type in Souce file type section, it will show all possible conversion options in Output file type section. User could then configure any settings in the Conversion settings section. And click large play button, that is present on the right.

Log tab

Any file processed, is logged in with all necessary details, i.e., file name, path, converted to, conversion status, conversion date, and time. Entire log could be exported to local CSV file, for your records. If you wish, processed file logging feature could be disabled from that same screen as well.

File types support

As of now, software supports following file types:

Document files

Following table clarifies what conversions are possible as of now:

Convert from Convert to Options
HTML PDF Page size, Page margins
PDF TXT Text extraction methods, Page break options
PDF PDF Split by pages count, Merge, Watermark by image

It could be expressed in a diagram as follows:

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Upgrading / downgrading software

If you want to upgrade or downgrade the software for free, you must email this software Install Id to Install Id is received by pressing Get Software Install Id button in Info screen and is then copied to the system clipboard. When user is verified, for the software installation, all new versions of the software will be delivered to the sender's email address, when available. And user will be able to request any older version of the software as well.


Software uninstaller is located in the install directory or may be uninstalled from Control Panel. User data is left undeleted and is located in Documents\Kaslaan DocConvert.

Technical details

Operating system:  Windows 8, 10, 11
OS architecture:  64-bit
Installer filesize:  191 MB

Requires Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable to be installed. If it is not installed, install it from here.

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Free trial version is also available. In trial version, only max 10 files could be processed in user selected folder.

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