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Kaslaan Hasher

Hash tab (file/folder)

Version 1.0
Version release 22 Feb 2021
First release 22 Feb 2021

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Intro Hash tab Report tab Compare tab Download

Find checksum of text, file, or even folder with ease. It uses its own algorithm to treat folder just like a file. All popular checksum algorithms are supported. It process data from start till end which means it will hint even if a single byte has been changed in a text/file/folder. Now you can verify your data integrity in a flexible and most secure way.

Folder hash

Finding hash of folder is also possible with this software. It uses its own algorithm, which will make sure to get new hash value by even least possible change to the folder content.

Multiple algorithms support

It is not limited to use a single hash calculating algorithm; but it support all popular algorithms, namely, MD5, SHA-256, and SHA-512.


History feature is also provided. Which can be turn on or off for any individual tab, from settings. History can then be exported to local disk, in a CSV file.

Hash tab Page top

This tab is intended to calculate hash value of single file or folder. Hash value can also be calculated for text, which can be entered in respective field. It will return other details about the processed data as well. Results can then be exported to local disk, in a text file. If the processed data was a file or folder, you can open it from within the software, using its designated button.

Report tab Page top

Generate comprehensive report of content of a folder. Results are returned and presented in a table. When process completes, any individual item from the results can be removed, or can be removed from the device as well. Results then can be exported to the local disk, in a CSV file.

Non-recursive mode

Calculate hash of all the items in any selected folder root level. Item can be of type file or folder.

Recursive mode

In this mode, software will dive in any selected folder, and will look for any type of files, recursively. It does not matter how deep a file can be in the selected folder; and will return its calculated hash. In other words, it will calculate and return hash value of all files in a folder, recursively.

Compare tab Page top

This tab allows you to compare two files or folders for difference, based on calculating and matching hash value of the both items. Results can then be exported to the local disk, in a text file. Buttons are provided to open compared items from within the software.

Download Page top

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Upgrading / downgrading software

If you want to upgrade or downgrade the software for free, you must email this software Install Id to Install Id is received by pressing Get Software Install Id button in Info screen and is then copied to the system clipboard. When user is verified, for the software installation, all new versions of the software will be delivered to the sender's email address, when available. And user will be able to request any older version of the software as well.


Software uninstaller is located in the install directory or may be uninstalled from Control Panel. User data is left undeleted and is located in Documents\Kaslaan Hasher.

Technical details

Operating system:  Windows 8, 10, 11
OS architecture:  64-bit
Installer filesize:  17.3 MB

Requires Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable to be installed. If it is not installed, install it from here.

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