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Kaslaan SizeInspect

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Version 1.0
Version release 24 May 2021
First release 24 May 2021

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Generate comprehensive report of disk usage of a folder content. Get knowledge of what files are affecting disk usage the most. User selected folder is analyzed including all subfolders, and report is generated. Report can be configured by a number of options, prior to running the process. Individual report column can be hide or shown by the user. Each item in the report can be double-clicked to open. On right-clicking, brings a menu with few useful options. Generated report can be exported to local drive. Report results can also be sorted in Ascending and Descending order (based on Portion column).

If a subfolder was not accessible during scan, or filesize of a file was not accessible, it will be listed in a designated section in the software. In such cases, total folder size will exclude size of that subfolder, or that file.

Minimum size / Maximum size

Those fields are used to specify a file size range. An item will not be included in the report, if its file size is outside of the given file size range. If Minimum size field is empty, software will take it as 0 bytes. If Maximum size field is empty, software will take it as indefinite.

Blacklist / Whitelist file formats

Get rid of items being listed in the report, of file formats which you do not care about (i.e. blacklist). Or only list items of file formats, which you care about (i.e. whitelist). User can select Documents, Videos, Audios, etc, as shortcut keys, from the associated menu. Or can add custom file formats, manually. Which are to be either blacklisted or whitelisted.

Portion report column

It indicates that how much disk space a file is using, proportional to the total size of the folder. In other words, it is size portion of the file, out of the total folder size. For example, 50% portion of a file will indicate that, it is taking half of the space of the folder. Portion precision can be adjusted from settings, prior to running the scan. Please note that, total folder size include all subfolders also.

Export results

Generated report can be exported locally to CSV or XLSX file, for further analysis or user wants to keep a record.

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Upgrading / downgrading software

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Software uninstaller is located in the install directory or may be uninstalled from Control Panel. User data is left undeleted and is located in Documents\Kaslaan SizeInspect.

Technical details

Operating system:  Windows 8, 10, 11
OS architecture:  64-bit
Installer filesize:  29.2 MB

Requires Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable to be installed. If it is not installed, install it from here.

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Free trial version is also available. In trial version, report results are decreased by half. Which means it will not show 50% of the results.

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