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Date updated: 27 Apr 2022

Make sure you read and agree to the following terms before using any KaslaanSoft product.

"Software" refers to any software developed by KaslaanSoft, and whether it is full or trial version. "User" or "You" refers to the person who is using the software, who is either owner of the software or using it in shared or someone else computer. "Developer" refers to KaslaanSoft software brand.

You are granted to use any software developed by KaslaanSoft for any purpose, whether its in business, education, office domain or any other place of usage. Usage permission is granted to every user of the computer in which the software in installed or present. Any output data you derive by any software can be used anywhere; but if you encountered any harm, problem, loss etc, developer of the software should not be held responsible.

Software as a whole or a part of should not be distributed in any way and for any purpose. People should only be given the address where you bought or downloaded the software. Advertising the software is permitted on the condition that anything spoken about it is not false. Advertising is permitted for any purpose, whether its for user's itself benefit (in any way) or its for developer's benefit; as long as software is not copied to someone else computer in the process.

No software will use internet network for any type of requirement without notifying user. Developer will never receive usage or any other information in any way, unless user wants to verify their software installation to receive future versions of software, when available, free of cost.

Software Install ID acquired from any full version software should not be shared with anyone, whether it is an individual or a party. And no reason or cause would be accepted. Software Install ID once sent to, is stored in a database, by the Developer, along with the email address, from which it is received. It will store Software name as well, from which Software Install ID is acquired. Future versions of the software will be delivered to that email address for free, once available or released. User can request the Developer to delete permanently the record stored for him. Software Install ID may serve no purpose, if the software is purchased from Microsoft Store, since they upgrade the software by itself or prompts the user, directly, without any need of Software Install ID. But there is a possibility that any new version of the software could be removed from Microsoft App Store.

Full version software can be used for unlimited time without any expiry date. And without any other restrictions found in trial versions.

Above mentioned terms may subject to change with or without prior or after notification.

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